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It’s Been 14 Years

14 years ago today my Dad passed away. It was one day shy of my nephew, Ryan’s, 21st birthday and he was buried three days later on my birthday. I miss him as much today as I did the day he passed.    The best way to describe my Dad is to say that he was a beautifully …

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We’re in the home stretch for 2016!

Can you believe it’s November? Seriously, where did the year go? Whether it’s hitting your sales quota or getting ready for the upcoming holiday season, now is the time to get super clear on your goals for the remainder of 2016. And maybe do a little prep for 2017. Let’s talk about your professional life …

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Are you an office martyr?

Do you have a hand in everything happening in your office making you seem invaluable or maybe even irreplaceable? Have you often thought “if I leave tomorrow they’d have to replace me with 3 people?” If so, you may be the office martyr and you’re probably exhausted and burned out! There are several reasons people become the office …

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